ʿⱦapp uses an emergency notification system called .

ʿⱦapp will notify students and employees through text, email, and push notifications on the app when an emergency occurs and for weather closure information.  

The app is free.  

If the app is not installed, students and employees will still receive text and email notifications. Please ensure your contact information is up to date with the College. Text notifications will be sent to the cell phone the College has on file, and email notifications will be sent to ʿⱦapp email accounts. 

Visit  and select the bottom "User Settings" icon, then the “User Profile” link. Make sure that “Cell Phone” is chosen as the phone type. If “home" phone is displaying instead of “cell" phone, notifications will not be sent. Confirm that the cell phone number is the same number for the device the app is installed on. 

Step-by-step instructions for downloading the app are available above.

For questions, contact the ITS Help Desk at workorders@durhamtech.edu

Read more information about ʿⱦapp emergency procedures