• Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Leave them at home, or lock them in the trunk.
  • Do not leave your windows cracked or rolled down. This gives people easy access to your vehicle.
  • Be sure to lock your vehicle. Keep a spare key somewhere in case you lock your keys in the vehicle. Campus Police and Public Safety Officers are not allowed to unlock your vehicle. You will need to call a locksmith.
  • During bad weather, be sure to turn off your headlights after parking. If you have a dead battery, Campus Police and Public Safety Officers can assist you with a jumpstart.
  • Park in well-lit areas, and lock your car even in the daytime. Keep packages and personal belongings out of sight.
  • Do not walk or jog alone, especially after dark. Call Campus Police and Public Safety Officers for an escort.
  • Be aware of surrounding people and activities, and report suspicious behavior to Campus Police and Public Safety.
  • Stay alert. Avoid talking on a cell phone or using an electronic device when walking.
  • Trust your instincts. If something or someone makes you uneasy, avoid the person, or leave.
  • Have your car key in hand before you reach the car door.
  • Be careful if any stranger in a car asks you for directions. If you answer, keep your distance from the car.
  • If you feel threatened, don't be afraid to make a "scene." Public embarrassment is the last concern when you are in a dangerous situation.

Familiarize yourself with the Blue Light Call Boxes to call for emergency assistance.


Campus Police and Public Safety personnel can provide first aid for minor injuries. They are also trained as first responders in medical emergencies. For medical assistance, call extension 5555 or 9-911 (Durham City Police).

Campus Police and Public Safety Officers also are available to serve as escorts to vehicles for anyone who would like to call on them at 919-536-7255, ext. 5500.