Human Resources Development (HRD) provides Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and WorkKeys®&Բ;assessments, employment skills training, and courses in career development and enhancement. 

Skills Training for Job Seekers

Courses are offered in short sessions to equip students with the knowledge, values, and practical skills essential to applying for, keeping, and advancing in their jobs.

Fees for HRD courses are waived for those who meet one of these criteria:

  • Are unemployed;
  • Have received notification of pending layoff;
  • Are working and are eligible for ;
  • Are working and earning wages at or below two hundred percent (200%) of the .

To register for HRD courses, complete the Registration/HRD Fee Waiver Verification Form.

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Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

ʿⱦapp, in cooperation with the NC Community College System, the Durham and Regional Partnership Workforce Development Boards, and the Durham and Orange County JobLink Centers, offers the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). The CRC provides existing and potential job candidates with a credential that proves their skill level to enhance employability. This certification allows employers a more efficient way to assess work skills.

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Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants

The WorkKeys® Proficiency Certificate for Teacher Assistants provides a valid, field proven way to boost elementary education in the United States, in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act. Based on ACT's WorkKeys system, the certificate program takes a four-pronged approach. It enables paraprofessional teacher assistants in Title I-funded schools to demonstrate their proficiency in three content areas—reading, writing, and mathematics—as well as their skills in assisting teachers in the classroom. Through testing and on-the-job observation, teacher assistants can demonstrate knowledge and skill levels in line with what is achieved in two years of postsecondary study. 

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Workforce Assessment

The WorkKeys® system is used by thousands of companies worldwide as a tool to help employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain the high-performance workforce necessary to compete successfully in today’s global economy. WorkKeys assessments give you reliable, relevant information about your employees’ and applicants’ skill levels. When you compare this assessment information with the skill benchmarks required for your jobs, you will be able to make solid decisions about your workforce. WorkKeys provides a comprehensive system to refine your applicant pool, match candidates to jobs, and identify skill gaps that hinder productivity.

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