We help employers unlock the strength of their workforce with the WorkKeys employee selection and development system.

Your Challenges:

  • How can we hire the most qualified employees?

  • How can we target our training to employees who need it most?

  • How can we maximize ROI on training dollars?

  • How can we improve retention rates?

  • How do we measure up with our competitors?

  • Which skills are essential for our future?

  • Is there one solution for all of our workforce questions?

Your Solution:

The WorkKeys® system is used by thousands of companies worldwide as a tool to help employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain the high-performance workforce necessary to compete successfully in today’s global economy. WorkKeys assessments give you reliable, relevant information about your employees’ and applicants’ skill levels. When you compare this assessment information with the skill benchmarks required for your jobs, you will be able to make solid decisions about your workforce. WorkKeys provides a comprehensive system to refine your applicant pool, match candidates to jobs, and identify skill gaps that hinder productivity. Through WorkKeys, we have built the most extensive database available on the skills of U.S. workers, with more than 13,000 job profiles and 10 million tests administered. Companies such as 3M, American Express, BMW, The Dow Chemical Company, Coors Brewing Company, Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods, Inc., Rockwell Collins, Inc., and many others have used WorkKeys to improve corporate success.

Use WorkKeys at Every Stage of Your Employment Cycle


Foundational Skills





Foundational Skills





Foundational Skills





Foundational Skills





Foundation Skills

WorkKeys gives companies a complete solution for employee selection and development. The powerful product suite offers both cognitive foundational skills assessments and personal skills measures, enabling a company to assess the full potential of applicants and employees. The tools in this comprehensive system can be mixed and matched to meet diverse organizational needs.


Take the guesswork out of hiring by comparing potential employees’ WorkKeys assessment scores with benchmarks based on occupational needs. The WorkKeys system provides several options to benchmark requirements needed for specific jobs and to make accurate, well-informed hiring decisions. The time spent on costly interviews and unqualified candidates can also be reduced. For example, the Talent assessment allows the company to compare applicants’ attitudes and behaviors to those of top performers in a specific job and, thus, determine the viewing company’s best candidates. Add that information to the Foundational Skills assessment results to identify individuals who have the skills to succeed on the job.


Find dependable, trustworthy employees while saving time and money in the process. WorkKeys enables a company to match the work requirements important on the job to the skill levels in the candidate pool. For example, the WorkKeys Performance assessment can be used to screen for negative work attitudes and risky work behavior, while the WorkKeys Foundational Skills can be used to screen for communication, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

Employee Selection + Training and Development

Speed up an employee’s time to full productivity using WorkKeys to identify and close skill gaps. Targeted training makes the most of an organization’s training dollars by pinpointing specific areas for employee improvement and, in turn, producing better results with lower overall costs. The employer will be able to make concrete recommendations for advancement based on employee strengths and development needs. By benchmarking key attributes of a position, the Talent and Fit assessments also can be used as powerful tools for career laddering and succession planning.

Succession Planning

Retiring baby boomers will soon create a shortage of 80 million experienced workers. With younger—and often less qualified—people stepping in to take their places, succession planning is more critical than ever. WorkKeys can help ensure that a business’s future workforce will be equipped with the skills to succeed. Use workforce gap analysis from WorkKeys Foundational Skills to define current competencies and harness training data and, as a result, align the business’s workforce with the business’s near- and long-term strategic plans. The WorkKeys Talent assessment allows a company to groom candidates for advancement by comparing them to top performers.

The National Career Readiness System

WorkKeys is the centerpiece of the National Career Readiness System. This exciting initiative is based on WorkKeys skill levels in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. It gives employers a transportable credential to evaluate employee skills. When an employer requires or recommends the National Career Readiness Certificate from his or her applicants, he or she will tap into the most qualified labor pool in the company’s local area. For more information, visit .

WorkKeys Testing Is Flexible and Easy

Because no two businesses have identical selection and development needs, we’ve made it easy for you to use the entire system or a single component. WorkKeys truly is a needs-driven assessment solution. Both online and paper-and-pencil testing options are available. Plus, all assessments are delivered in a proctored environment, allowing the participant to confidently make high-stakes decisions.

For more information on profiling or scheduling WorkKeys assessments for candidates or your employees please contact:

Candace Rashada, HRD/Workforce Development & Career Readiness Director 919-536-7222, ext. 4001, or
Gerardo Somarriba, Career Readiness Coordinator, 919-536-7222, ext. 4025