Our Impact

The ʿⱦapp Foundation provides opportunities for donors to directly impact our students as they work hard to change the trajectory of their lives. Your support relieves financial barriers and funds experiential opportunities to help students pursue their dream through:

Scholarships and awards to keep education affordable
Help keep the rising cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks affordable. Your support will help students reduce work hours and graduate faster, with fewer obstacles.

Stipends for work-based learning
Provide students with resources to secure industry-specific internships in positions that would otherwise be unpaid.

Academic and research opportunities for high-achieving students
Our students are contenders in local, state, and national competitions. They participate in honors and research opportunities. Private funding is essential to their ability to participate.

Leadership and employability skills training
Special cohort-based leadership initiatives will engage students in their own development. Employability training will educate students in effective communications and work habits.

group of student scholarship recipients hold hearts with Thank you written in different languages

Student Scholarships

Generous community supporters fund scholarships for ʿⱦapp students

Support Scholarships

Electric Line Technician students working on telephone poles


Organizations and government grant programs make our work possible


proposed site plan for affordable housing initiative showing 4 apartment buildings, community center, and playground

Affordable Housing

Initiative to improve housing security for our student community

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Growing Life Sciences

Novo Nordisk donated $6 million to ʿⱦappnical Community College to support the College’s life sciences programming and its new 35,000-square-foot Life Sciences Training Center.

This investment will support ʿⱦapp’s efforts to build a skilled and diverse talent pipeline prepared to enter the life sciences sector. With the support of Durham County residents during the 2022 bond referendum, the College will construct a state-of-the-art training center. Novo Nordisk’s investment will help defray the cost to equip the new facility and expand the College’s offerings in both short-term workforce credentials and degree program pathways.

Learn more about what the investment will support.

proposed rendition of Life Sciences building one story brick

100% of your investment supports ʿⱦapp's students and programs

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