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People rely on crisp, clear eyesight for everything we do. When that eyesight starts to falter, gear like contacts and glasses help restore a person's confidence and ability to carry on with their daily tasks.

A dispensing optician is instrumental in restoring a person's eyesight. These men and women design, measure, and adapt lenses and frames for clients and teach clients how to use and care for contact lenses. They also can recommend lenses, lens coatings, and frames based on the client's needs and maintain a client's eye care record.

The Opticianry program at ʿⱦapp trains students for this profession; ʿⱦapp offers the only accredited program in North Carolina and the surrounding states. The two-year program features lab work and student practicum, where the student practices their skills at places such as medical centers, retail optical shops, and senior citizen centers.