Alphabetical List of Programs

Financial Aid Key:

BTW - ʿⱦapp Back-to-Work Initiative
CF - ConnectFund Grants 
Promise - ʿⱦapp Promise
Federal - Federal Financial Aid
Other NC - Other Financial Aid (Continuing Education)
NA - Not available

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ProgramProgram CodeCIP CodeOnlineFinancial Aid
Accounting and Finance AASA2580052.0304NoFederal, Promise
Advanced EMT (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Anesthesia Technology AASA4533051.0809NoFederal, Promise
Architectural Technology AASA4010015.0101NoFederal, Promise
Architectural Technology - Architectural CAD CertificateC40100C15.0101NoFederal, Promise
Associate Degree Nursing AASA4511051.3801NoFederal, Promise
Associate Degree Nursing - LPN to ADN Track AASA45110N51.3801NoFederal, Promise
Associate in ArtsA1010024.0101MostlyFederal, Promise
Associate in Arts in Teacher PreparationA1010T24.0101MostlyFederal, Promise
Associate in EngineeringA1050014.0102NoFederal, Promise
Associate in Fine ArtsA1060024.0101NoFederal, Promise
Associate in General EducationA1030024.0199YesFederal, Promise
Associate in General Education - NursingA1030N51.1105NoFederal, Promise
Associate in ScienceA1040024.0101NoFederal, Promise
Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation A1040T24.0101NoFederal, Promise
Automotive Systems Technology AASA6016047.0604NoFederal, Promise
Automotive Systems Technology - Drivetrain CertificateC60160D47.0604NoFederal, Promise
Automotive Systems Technology - Electrical CertificateC60160E47.0604NoPromise
Automotive Systems Technology - Under Car CertificateC60160U47.0604NoPromise
Automotive Systems Technology DiplomaD5021048.0510NoFederal, Promise
Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) CertificateC5512043.0107NoFederal, Promise
Bio-Agricultural Program Readiness Opportunity (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Biomedical Equipment Technology AASA5010015.0401NoFederal, Promise
Biotechnology AASA2010026.1201NoFederal, Promise
Biotechnology - BioManufacturing (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, CF, Promise, Other NC
Business Administration AASA2512052.0201YesPromise
Business Administration - Business Core CertificateC25120A52.0201YesFederal, Promise
Business Administration - Entrepreneur CertificateC25120E52.0201NoPromise
Business Administration - Human Resources Mgmt CertificateC25120H52.0201YesPromise
Business Administration - Management CertificateC25120B52.0201YesFederal, Promise
Business Administration - Marketing CertificateC25120M52.0201YesPromise
Cardiovascular Technician (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Carpentry (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Central Sterile Processing (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, CF, Promise, Other NC
Clinical Trials Research Associate AASA4519051.0719MostlyFederal, Promise
Clinical Trials Research Associate - Core Competencies CertificateC45190I51.0719NoPromise
Clinical Trials Research Associate - Data Management CertificateC45190MC51.0719NoPromise
Community Health Worker (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Other NC
Community Spanish Interpreter - Medical Interpreter CertificateC55370M16.0103NoFederal, Promise
Community Spanish Interpreter - Medical Interpreter DiplomaD55370M16.0103NoFederal, Promise
Community Spanish Interpreter - Public Service CertificateC55370F16.0103NoFederal, Promise
Community Spanish Interpreter - Public Service DiplomaD55370F16.0103NoFederal, Promise
Computer Integrated Machining CertificateC5021048.0510NoPromise
Construction (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Other NC
Cosmetology (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Criminal Justice Technology AASA5518043.0104YesFederal, Promise
Culinary Arts (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, CF, Promise, Other NC
Cybersecurity, Network, and Support (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Early Childhood Administration CertificateC55220A13.121YesFederal, Promise
Early Childhood Preschool CertificateC55220C13.121YesFederal, Promise
Early Childhood Education - Infant/Toddler Care CertificateC5529019.0706YesFederal, Promise
Early Childhood Education - Non-Transfer AASA55220NT13.121MostlyFederal, Promise
Early Childhood Education - Transfer AASA55220TR13.121MostlyFederal, Promise
Electrical Line Technician (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, CF, Promise, Other NC
Electrical Systems Technology AASA3513046.0302NoFederal, Promise
Electrical Systems Technology DiplomaD3513046.0302NoFederal, Promise
Electrical Systems Technology - Construction Electrician CertificateC35130B46.0302NoPromise
Electrical Systems Technology - Control Electrician CertificateC35130C46.0302NoFederal, Promise
Electrical Systems Technology - Maintenance Electrician CertificateC35130M46.0302NoFederal, Promise
Electronics Engineering Technology AASA4020015.0303NoFederal, Promise
Emergency Medical Science (Paramedic) AASA4534051.0904NoFederal, Promise
Emergency Medical Technician (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
EMS Instructor Training (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Esthetics Technology (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Fire Services Extension (Continuing Education)NANANoPromise
Foreign Languages (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
HVAC Technician (Continuing Education)NANANoPromise, Other NC
Industrial Systems Technology - Advanced Manufacturing AASA50240A15.0499NoFederal, Promise
Industrial Systems Technology - Facilities Maintenance Tech AASA50240F15.0499NoFederal, Promise
Industrial Systems Technology - HVAC CertificateC50240C15.0499NoPromise
Industrial Systems Technology - Maintenance CertificateC50240M15.0499NoPromise
Information Technology - Computer Repair CertificateC25590HR11.0103NoPromise
Information Technology - Computer Science CertificateC25590SC11.0103NoPromise
Information Technology - Cybersecurity CCNA CertificateC25590CS11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - Cybersecurity AASA25590C11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - IT and Clouds Systems Administration AASA25590A11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - IT Service and Support AASA25590H11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - Network Management AASA25590N11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - Software Development AASA25590S11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Information Technology - Software Development CertificateC25590SV11.0103NoPromise
Information Technology - Web Development AASA25590W11.0103NoFederal, Promise
Law Enforcement Extension (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Manicuring (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Other NC
Manufacturing (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Other NC
Massage Therapy (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Medical Administrative Assistant (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Medical Assisting AASA4540051.0801MostlyFederal, Promise
Medical Assisting DiplomaD4540051.0801NoFederal, Promise
Medical Coding (Continuing Education)NANAYesCF, Other NC
Medical Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance CertificateC4581051.2099YesFederal, Promise
Mental Health Technician (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, Other NC
Music Recording and Audio Engineering (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Natural Hair Care Specialist (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Other NC
Nurse Aide (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Nurse Aide CertificateC4597051.3902NoPromise
Occupational Therapy Assistant AASA4550051.0803NoFederal, Promise
Optical Apprentice CertificateC4552051.0802YesFederal, Promise
Opticianry AASA4556051.0801NoFederal, Promise
Paralegal Technology AASA2538022.0302MostlyFederal, Promise
Paralegal Technology DiplomaD2538022.0302MostlyFederal, Promise
Paramedic (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Peer Support Specialist (Continuing Education)NANANoBTW, Other NC
Phlebotomy (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Photography (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Plumbing (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
Practical Nursing DiplomaD4566051.3901NoFederal, Promise
Project Management (Continuing Education)NANAYesOther NC
Public Safety Administration AAS - Non-TransferA55480NT43.9999YesFederal, Promise
Public Safety Administration AAS - TransferA55480TR43.9999YesFederal, Promise
Public Safety Management CertificateC5548043.9999NoPromise
Public Service Management (Continuing Education)NANAYesPromise
Respiratory Therapy AASA4572051.0908NoFederal, Promise
Restorative Dental Technology AASA4528051.0603NoFederal, Promise
Restorative Dental Technology - Cast Partial Denture CertificateC45280P51.0603NoPromise
Restorative Dental Technology - Complete Dentures Techniques CertificateC45280D51.0603NoFederal, Promise
Restorative Dental Technology - Crown and Bridge Techniques CertificateC45280B51.0603NoFederal, Promise
Restorative Dental Technology - Dental Ceramic Techniques CertificateC45280C51.0603NoFederal, Promise
Social Media Marketing (Continuing Education)NANAYesBTW, Other NC
Software and Web Development (Continuing Education)NANANoOther NC
START Careers in Hotel in Lodging (Continuing Education)NANANoCF, Promise, Other NC
Substance Use Treatment (Continuing Education)NANAYesOther NC
Surgical Technology AASA4574051.0909NoFederal, Promise
Welding (Continuing Education)NANANoPromise, Other NC
Welding Technology CertificateC5042048.0508NoFederal, Promise


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