Child Care/Aide Worker

Starting Salary

NC Triangle area

Median Annual Wage

NC Triangle area
% High school diploma or equivalent
% Some college, no degree

Job Outlook

North Carolina

Annual Job Openings

North Carolina

Parents and guardians can't always be with their children. For those occasions, they entrust their children to child care workers.

Child care aides can be found in schools, businesses, private households, and child care institutions. These professionals observe kids’ playtime and behavior and then report their observations to the parent or guardian. They might also sanitize toys and play equipment; assist in meal preparation; and tend to or guide children's health and personal habits.

The ʿⱦapp Early Childhood Education program features plans of study for an associate's degree and different certificates. The program covers topics like child growth and development; physical/nutritional needs of children; care and guidance of children; and communication skills with families and children.