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University Transfer Options

Pre-Professional programs are selected as a second program to accompany any primary major of the student’s choosing. Any student who selects a pre-professional program should also select an accompanying major. For example, a student who selects the secondary program of Pre-Medicine, might also select a major in biology, chemistry, or physics. Students are not expected to complete all of these courses at ʿⱦapp.

Associate in Science (AS)

The Associate in Science (AS) is intended for students who ultimately wish to complete a baccalaureate science degree at a four-year college or university. The AS curriculum courses focus on courses such as biology, chemistry, engineering, geology, mathematics, or physics.

Students should keep in mind the limits on the number of credits that transfer to the four-year university and review all material on the institutions' websites. Requirements may change, and time limits often apply to science coursework.

Students who successfully complete an AS degree will have satisfied the General Education requirements at every public university in North Carolina as well as the private colleges that are signatories of the 2015 Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Students who transfer without the AA or AS degree must complete the General Education core requirements at the receiving institution.

Course Selection Guides

Guaranteed Admissions Pathways

ʿⱦapp has partnered with several universities to develop guaranteed admissions pathways for a seamless transition into their baccalaureate programs for eligible students who complete a ʿⱦapp university transfer degree (AA, AS, AFA, and AE). Students must apply for acceptance into these programs.

View more information about Guaranteed Admissions Pathways and the list of universities. 

Suggested Paths

Short Term

(12 months or less)

Long Term

(More than 12 months)

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