Program director and admissions contact information is listed on each program webpage.

Success Coaches partner with students by providing guidance along their pathway to academic, professional, and personal success. Your coach will support you with academic and career planning, financial aid, and transfer policies. Your coach can also connect you to resources such as childcare support, transportation assistance, technology and internet support, tutoring, etc. Learn more.

Building, Engineering, and Skilled Trades

Dr. Chris O'Riordan-Adjah
919-536-7200, ext. 8159
Ingram (Building 11), room 235
Maryah Smith-Overman, Assistant Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 4008
Newton (Building 4), room 150

Tiffany Robinson, Success Coach
919-536-7200, ext. 5153
Ingram (Building 11), room 230


Business and Entrepreneurship 

Darlene Bullock, Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 4002
Duke Street North, room 134

Al Leaston, Assistant Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 4314
Duke Street North, room 133

Paris Kea
919-536-7200, ext. 1038
Wynn (Building 10), room 113B


Creative and Liberal Arts 

Dr. David Long, Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 8025
Phillips (Building 3), room 105C

Lea Bingham, Assistant Dean, University Transfer
919-536-7200, ext. 8004
Phillips (Building 3), room 126

Tommy Jones, Success Coach
919-536-7200, ext. 2016
Phillips (Building 3), room 3-204


Health and Wellness

Melissa Oakley Ockert, Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 8127
Tech (Building 9), room 101B

Janemarie Baker, Assistant Dean, Allied Health
919-536-7200, ext. 8124
Tech (Building 9), room 132B

Kevin Lawrence, Success Coach
919-536-7200, ext. 8141
Tech (Building 9), room 9-234A


Human Services and Public Safety

Justin Long, Dean
919-536-7200, ext.4601
Northern Durham Center, room 100F

Charminique Williams
919-536-7200, ext. 8069
Northern Durham Center, room 100C

Jon Warren
919-536-7200, ext. 8062
NDC, room 100F


Information Technology

Darlene Bullock, Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 4002
Duke St North, room 134

Al Leaston, Assistant Dean
919-536-7200, ext. 4314
Duke Street North, room 133

Theodore Johnson, III
919-536-7200, ext. 1119
Wynn (Building 10), room 113C


Science and Math

Chris Mansfield
919-536-7200, ext. 8026
Collins (Building 2), room 164B


Barryn McLaughlin
919-536-7200, ext. 1039
Wynn (Building 10), room 113A