Reconnect Fund Award

The Reconnect Fund Award is for eligible students in Durham County younger than 25 who didn’t enroll in college directly after high school.

Reconnect awards students $500 per semester for a maximum of four semesters, totaling to $2,000.


To become and stay eligible, the student:

  • Must be enrolled in a credit certificate, diploma, or degree program at ʿⱦapp
  • Must take a minimum of six credit hours per semester
  • After the first semester, must meet a 67 percent overall completion rate or minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA

The above eligibility requirements extends for two years after the first award term.

Other qualifications include being:

  • A Durham County resident without a college diploma or degree
  • Under age 25 at the time of applying
  • A Durham high school graduate who graduated more than one year ago

Priority is given to students demonstrating the greatest financial need and to students new to ʿⱦapp.

Reconnect Fund Award Application