Statement by ʿⱦapp President JB Buxton on the adoption of the 2024-25 budget by the Durham Board of County Commissioners:

The budget adopted tonight by the Durham County Commissioners demonstrates that public higher education remains a top priority in Durham. The 2024-25 budget for ʿⱦapp ensures that more Durham residents will have access to scholarships for degrees and workforce credentials, high-quality faculty and staff, and outstanding college facilities and learning environments.

The budget provides critical support for the significant growth the College has seen over the past two years as increasing numbers of residents take advantage of ʿⱦapp’s role as a gateway to great universities and a pathway to careers in areas like health care, the skilled trades, IT, advanced manufacturing, and the life sciences. Thanks to the County’s leadership and support, ʿⱦapp stands ready to meet the workforce and economic development demands of a growing region.