It is important for you to understand the financial obligations you will incur while attending college. Use the Net Price Calculator to get a general estimate of the full cost of attending and how much federal financial aid you might be eligible to receive at ʿⱦappnical Community College.

Federal law now requires all colleges and universities to provide this tool so that you can use it to compare costs at a variety of colleges. By providing some of your basic financial information, the online tool can give you an estimated cost of tuition and fees, estimated book expenses, living expenses (rent, housing, food, otherwise known as “room and board” even though you will live off-campus if you attend ʿⱦapp), and transportation expenses.

The Net Price Calculator does not calculate scholarships and other state-based awards. This is only an estimate. You must complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and complete the financial aid application process at ʿⱦapp for the college to determine your actual eligibility for assistance.

Net Price Calculator