The Marketing and Communications Department works with campus partners to coordinate ribbon cuttings for approved events. If you are considering hosting a ribbon cutting, please review the following guidelines to see if the event meets the College’s criteria for this event type and to help with planning and publicity.

To host a ʿⱦapp event, you must also fill out an event form. This will help notify ITS should you need technical support, the President’s Office should you request the president’s attendance, and the Marketing department should you request a college photographer and/or media coverage.

When to have a ribbon cutting

A ribbon cutting is generally held to celebrate something that is new or opening.

Examples of appropriate events:

  • Groundbreaking ceremonies
  • New buildings
  • New programs (following approval from SACSCOC)
  • Special President’s Office events


Here are some general next steps to bear in mind when planning your event.

  • You must receive approval from the Office of the President prior to planning a ribbon cutting.
  • Ribbon-cutting events must be submitted via the ʿⱦapp Event Form. Marketing and Communications is notified via the process.
  • It is advised to start preparing for your event at least eight weeks ahead of your intended date in order to adequately plan and prepare.
  • Think of what needs to happen at the event:
    • Do remarks need to be made?
      • If so, who should make remarks (students, the president, certain faculty members, etc.)? What would be the best order of speakers?
    • Will there be a reception?
      • If so, who will provide the food, and will it take place before or after the event or both? Please note that the College Café does offer catering. Departments should check with the Business Office prior to ordering to ensure that adequate institutional funds are available to cover the cost.
  • Think of who you want to invite to the event (students, faculty, staff, the public, the media, etc.) Think of how broad or exclusive you want to be (students just in the program, certain members of the public, etc.). Please note that Marketing and Communications makes the final decision on media invitations.
  • Think of the location where the event should be held. Make sure all spaces are available for your desired date.

How Marketing and Communications can help

Once you know the full details of your event, you must contact Marketing and Communications for publicity, giveaways, or production requests. To ensure all your requests are filled in a timely fashion, it is recommended to contact the department at least six weeks before your event.

A form must be filled out for the following requests:

  • Creative Services (print advertisements, fliers, invitations, etc.)
  • Social media and website calendar listings
  • Event coverage
  • Giveaways

These forms can be found on the Marketing and Communications web page.