Below are a few editorial guidelines to use when writing letters, memos, flyers, reports, email, internet content, and other written materials for the college. See the complete Editorial Style Guide.

The official name of the College

In the first mention of the institution, use the entire name. Afterward, you may refer to the institution as ʿⱦapp or the College.

For EXTERNAL communications, use only ʿⱦapp as an abbreviation. Please do not use “DTCC” when referring to the college, as that abbreviation stands for a number of terms that are not related to ʿⱦapp. Do not refer to ʿⱦapp as a school or as Tech.


ʿⱦappnical Community College offers more than 100 credit program options. Students at the College are very satisfied with the range of program choices.

ʿⱦapp has helped dreams become realities for students of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations.

Departments, offices, and divisions

All words except for and in the name of a division or department are capitalized, including the word Division or Department. Use the most recent Staffing Chart as your guide.

Names, titles, and degrees

Capitalize a professional title before and after a person’s name. If used in a standalone bullet, capitalize the title.

When referring to academic degrees in a general way, do not capitalize. When using formal names of academic degrees, do capitalize the title but not the specialty. However, doctorate is preferred over the full title when used in text.

Do not capitalize program following a program title.

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