Continuing Education Equity by Design (CEED+)

These grant funds are available to students enrolled in short-term Continuing Education (non-credit) courses and Back-to-Work (BtW) credit and non-credit courses. The grant covers the tuition cost and materials, and up to $250 in bookstore credits for other costs such as textbooks, supplies, or technology.

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Grant Application Available 7/29 8 a.m.  

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What is the purpose of the grant?

ʿⱦapp’s Back-to-Work and Continuing Education programs of study are an essential component to ensure students a pathway toward career fulfillment. The Continuing Education Equity by Design (CEED) grant provides students financial assistance to further a technical career and increase the probability of student’s employability and income development long-term. It can be all the difference for upward movement and entering into the workforce with a new career.

Who is eligible to receive the CEED grant?

Applicant eligibility includes students who are residents of Durham and Orange counties, and who are enrolled in any Continuing Education (non-credit) and Back-to-Work (BtW) credit and non-credit courses. Applicants may be ask to produce two of the following to verify county residency:

  • Current Driver’s License or valid state issued ID showing your Durham or Orange county address
  • Current lease or renter’s agreement
  • Current utility bill
  • Current Voter’s Registration Card
  • Prior year’s IRS tax return
Grant application submission and approval

A student ID number is required to apply for the CEED+ Grant. Once individuals have a student ID number, they can submit the online grant application. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, students will receive an email detailing when they can expect to receive the grant award. Timing will be different for each student, depending upon their application and the start and end date of the course/program. Grant approvals are dependent upon the verification of student attendance policies. Some non-credit courses contain multiple sections. Students may apply for grant funds for each of these sections. 

Attendance Requirements

Applicants must attend the class with the goal to be successful to completion. If a student does not show up for the course, and is designated a “no-show,” the tuition costs and bookstore credit will be forfeited.  If the student applicant has already used the bookstore stipend, a hold will be placed on the student account until the student pays the account balance.

How are the funds disbursed?

The CEED+ grant funding includes the full cost of Continuing Education (non-credit) and Back-to-Work (BtW) credit and non-credit course tuition and up to a $250.00 bookstore credit that can be used for books, supplies, and technology at the campus bookstore. Once students have been notified of their approval, the scholarship for tuition and the bookstore credit is placed on the student's account. If students paid their registration or tuition costs ahead of time, they will be reimbursed for the full cost of tuition. After the class has started, and attendance has been verified, the reimbursement check will be sent to the address we have on file. This can take up to four weeks to process.

See below to learn how to set up direct deposit into a bank account.

Accessing your bookstore credit

Students access their bookstore credit at the ʿⱦapp Campus bookstore in person or online. Students can purchase their items at the bookstore, after informing the clerk that they are a CEED grant recipient. Please expect to wait at least 24 hours from receiving the approval letter to be able to utilize your bookstore credit.

If the required textbooks or materials are not available at the campus bookstore, students can opt to purchase "required" or “recommended” items for class, through a 3rd party vendor. Each course instructor will have a list of what is needed to take the class. Please refer to that list to determine your needs and how you want to best utilize your bookstore credit. 

If the choice is made to purchase the books, supplies, and tools up front and out-of-pocket, then students must submit valid receipts of purchase for reimbursement up to $250.00. If the purchase cost is more than $250.00, then the student is responsible for the balance.

When is the deadline to utilize my bookstore credit?

The bookstore credit provided to you by the CEED grant to cover the costs of books, supplies, and technology needed for class, must be utilized within eight (8) days after the start of class or it will be forfeited.  If your approval is granted after the start of the class, the bookstore credit must be utilized within eight (8) days from the date stamped on the approval letter or it will be forfeited.

To whom do I submit my receipts of purchase for reimbursement?

If you have receipts for allowable purchases by third-party vendors or at the bookstore, those supplies you paid for out-of-pocket, you must submit your receipts to within one week after your class start date. You will not be reimbursed for receipts received after the deadline.

What to do if there are issues with purchases

If there are any problems with accessing your bookstore credit, or purchasing items, or there are other financial issues related to the bookstore or to tuition costs and reimbursements, please reach out to

Computer Laptops Program

Technology Assistance: Free and low-cost computer and internet options are available, including discounted, newly refurbished computers available for purchase using CEED grant funds. See Computer and Internet Assistance for details. Contact Antonio McNeill at or call 919-536-7200, ext. 1418 with questions.

For International Students

If you are having challenges with communication due to language barriers, please reach out to the Center for Global Learning, Jesus Gomez-Cespedes at or call at 919-536-7200, ext. 3228. 

General Questions

How do I set up direct deposit?

Direct Deposit allows students to receive refunds quicker and more securely than by check through automatic deposit of funds to the student’s bank account. Follow the link to learn How to Enroll in Direct Deposit through Self-Service (PDF)

Updating Self-Service Account Information

Sign into Self-Service and ensure that the address, phone number, and personal email are up-do-date. If a change is needed, submit the appropriate change of request form through the .

Do I need to pay back the money at some point?

No. This is a federal, state, or local grant and you will never be asked to pay the money back.

Will this grant funding count as income against end of year taxes?

No. Students will not receive a 1099 or 1098-T tax form and will not count grant funding as income. 

What to do if the funds were never received

Contact Emma Robinson at 919-536-7209, ext. 1507 or email Students can also contact

Are there other grant funding opportunities available?

The Office of Financial Aid and Veteran’s Services will contact all students through email and more information will be posted on the ʿⱦapp website as opportunities arise. Students can also reach out to student services, student academic advisors, and program directors for more information on possible funding opportunities.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Students requiring additional assistance should complete the . Students taking credit courses can reach out to their Financial Aid advisor.

All other students can apply to the Emergency Financial Assistance Program or email for assistance with basic needs (housing, food, etc.).

Eligible Courses

Please check back as additional courses are being added.

Career FieldCourse
Architecture, ConstructionBlueprint Reading (BPR 3011A)  
HVAC Heating (AHR-3131D)  
HVAC Cooling (AHR-3131E)  
Introduction to Cabinetry (CAB-3100A)  
Woodworking (CAB-3100B)  
Construction Fundamentals (CAR-3108H)  
Carpentry I (CAR-3112A)  
Carpentry II (CAR-3112B)  
Forklift Training (SEF-FKLT)  
General Contractor Prep (CAR-3118B)  
Plumbing I (PLU-3024B)  
Plumbing II (PLU-3024C)  
Stick Welding Workshop (SEF-WELD)  
Welding MIG (WLD-3106E)  
Welding TIG (WLD-3106F)  
Welding Product Fabrication (WLD-3106G)
Automotive, MotorcycleMotorcycle Safety (CSP-4000M)  
OBD Emissions (AUT-3129B)  
Safety Inspections (AUT-3129A)
ElectricalResidential Wiring (ELC-113)  
Electrical Apprenticeship 1-4 (ELC-3119A-D)  
Residential Wiring for Spanish Speakers (ELC-3119F)  
Contact the program director for more information.
BiotechnologyBioWork 3.0 Online (BTC-3200H)  
GMP and SOP (BTC-3200B)
Business, EntreprenueurshipBusiness Idea Opportunities (MLS-3830D)  
Building Your Business Models (MLS-3230E)  
Essentials of Human Resource Management (MLS-3809D)  
Cosmetology I-V (COS-3201CA-CE)  
Cosmetics Arts Instructor I-III (COS-3206A, COS-3206C2-3)  
Esthetician I-II (COS-3102EA-B)  
Cosmetics Art Esthetician Instructor II (COS-3206E)  
Manicurist I-II (COS-3101MA-B)  
Manicuring Instructor (COS-3206MN)  
Massage Therapy (MTH-3021)  
Natural Hair Specialist I-II(COS-3104NA/COS-3104NB)  
Customer Service Success (MKT-3438B)  
Notary (SEF3001L)/ Electronic Notary (SEF3001N)  
Real Estate Broker Prelicensing (RLS-3700A)  
Real Estate Postlicensing 1: Broker Relationships and Responsibilities (RLS-3702B)  
Real Estate Postlicensing 2: Contracts and Closings (RLS-3703A)  
Real Estate Postlicensing 3: Selected Topics (RLS-3704A)
Creative ArtsIntroduction to Audio Recording (SEF-IAR1)  
Advanced Audio Recording (SEF-REC5)  
Beginning Upholstery I (UPH-3110A)  
Advanced Upholstery II (UPH-3110B)  
Digital Photography: The Basics (CSP-4000HJ)  
Fine Arts Photography (CSP-4000HK)  
Landscape Nature Photography (CSP-4000HM)  
Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics (CSP-4000HN)

Beginning Cake Design (CSP-4000S)  
Culinary Arts Career Training Program (HOS-3041A)  
Food Service Sanitation and Safety (HOS-3072C)  
Principles of Baking (HOS-3075HA)  
Principles of Pastry (HOS-3075HB)  
Principles of Culinary (HOS-3075I)  
Sanitation & Safety-Extended (CUL-3072C)  
Sanitation & Safety-Extended (CUL-3072D)

Chocolate Truffles (SEF-3001DT) - students must have completed at least one of the programs listed above

View Culinary Arts

EducationIntro to Early Childhood Education (EDU-119)  
Contact the program director for more information.
Emergency Medical Science/ ParamedicEmergency Dispatch (EME-3500A)  
Telecommunicator Certification (CJC-3942A)  
Advanced Airway Management (EMS-4400B)  
EMS Capstone (EMS-4400M)  
Cardiology I (EMS-160)  
Patients with Special Challenges (EMS-240)  
Emergency Medical Responder Initial (EMS-4100A)  
Advanced EMT Initial Provider (EMS-4200A)  
EMS Refresher (EMS-4201A)  
Emergency Medical Technician CE (EMS-4202A)  
Paramedic Initial Provider (EMS-4400A)  
Paramedic Refresher (EMS-4401A)  
Cardiology I-II (EMS-4400C, 4400-E)  
EMS Clinical Practicum I-IV (EMS-4400D, G, L, M)  
Medical Emergencies (EMS-4400I)  
Trauma Emergencies (EMS-4400J)  
Life Span Emergencies (EMS-4400K)  
Pharmacology (EMS-4400O)  
EMS Instructor Methodology (EMS-4502A)  
Telecommunicator Certification  

If the course is not linked, contact the program director for more information.
English for non-native speakersAccent Reduction for International Professional (COM-3711E)  
American Idioms and Culture (COM-3711CF)  
American Media (COM-3711P)  
Business English I (COM-3711O)  
Business English II (COM-3711O2)  
Communicative Grammar I (COM-3711BL)  
Communicative Grammar II (COM-3711BM)  
Conversation Workshop II (COM3711BC)  
English for Business Communication (COM-3711CT)  
Essential English for Academic Purposes (FLI-3701W)  
Everyday Pronunciation (COM-3711BU)  
Listening and Speaking for AP B (FLI-3701A2)  
Listening and Speaking for AP C (FLI-3701A3)  
Presentations in the 21st Century (COM-3711CH)  
Professional Writing and Communication (COM-3711CS)  
Reading and Writing AP-A (COM-3711CK)  
Reading and Writing AP-B (COM-3711CJ)  

View more information on the Beyond Basic ESL webpage
Health and WellnessCentral Sterile Processing (MED 3002A)  
Central Sterile Processing  Exam Bootcamp (SEF-CSPEP)  
Community Health Worker (HEA-3121A)  
Community Health Worker with Field Practicum (HEA-3121D)  
Promotores de Salud /Community Health Worker (Spanish only) (HEA-3121C)  
Dialysis Technician (DIA-3100A)  
EKG Technician and Monitoring (ICV-3111A)  
Introduction to Cardiovascular Technology I-II (ICT-3100A-B)  
Intro to Medical Terminology (NUR-3235D)  
Medical Administrative Assistant w/EHR (MED-3300E)  
Medical Coding I ICD 10 (MED-3030N)  
Medical Coding II CPT/HCPS (MED-30300)  
Medical Coding Prep Boot Camp (SEF-30036)  
Medical Terminology for Anatomy and Physiology (NUR-3235H)  
Medication Aide for Skilled Nursing  
Mental Health Technician (MHT-3100A)  
Nurse Aide I (NUR-3240A)  
Nurse Aide I-Hospital Based (NUR-3240I)  
Nurse Aide II (NUR-3241C)  
Nurse Aide I Refresher (NUR-3242A)  
Nurse Aide II Refresher (NUR-3253A)  
Peer Support Specialist (MHT-3100D)  
Pharmacy Technician(PHM 3250C)  
Phlebotomy Technician (MLA-3022A)  
Substance Use Treatment I-III (HEA-3029D-F)  
TEAS Test Prep Online (NUR-3101E)
Human Resources Development

Human Service Exploration: DSS (HRD-4000A)  
Job Seeking Skills Workshop (HRD-3001J)  
NC Works Training for Careers Lab (HRD-3002E)  
Resumes that Work! (HRD-3002F)  
The Going Places Network (HRD-3004K)  
Workforce Ready Reentry (HRD-3003)  
Working Smart (HRD-4100A)

View more information about Skills Training for Job Seekers

Information TechnologyApp Development with Swift Level I Certification (CSC-3118L1)  
CompTIA A+ Certification, Core 1 and 2 (CTS-3255A)  
Responsive Web Design (WEB-3000RD)  
Advanced Hardware/Software Support (CTS-220) (Students must be enrolled in IT Computer Repair certificate)  
Introduction to Networks (NET-125)  
Routing Basics (NET-126)  
Routing & Switching I (NET-225)  
Security Concepts (SEC-110)  
(Students must be enrolled in the IT-Cybersecurity CCNA certificate)
InsuranceAccident & Health Insurance Prelicensing (SEF-AHIP)  
Life Insurance Prelicensing (SEF-LIPL)
Interpretation, Translation

Community Interpreter International (SEF-CII1/SEF-CII2)

Contact the program director for more information.

LanguageSpanish for Educators (FLI-3717AU)  
Spanish Level 1A (FLI-3717AW)