ʿⱦapp acknowledges the importance of student life outside the classroom and supports a variety of social, cultural, and professional opportunities to enhance a student’s in-class educational experiences. The College provides a variety of activities, clubs, and organizations for students and the broader community. Educational, cultural, and social activities must support the College's mission, values, and strategic goals. The College establishes and follows processes and guidelines to encourage student engagement; foster student leadership; charter official student clubs and organizations; coordinate and provide administrative oversight of activities, clubs, and organizations; provide access to and information about related funding and expenditures; maintain a safe learning environment; and ensure compliance with college policies and with state and federal laws.

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Men of Color Scholars Institute

The ʿⱦapp Men of Color Scholars Institute (MCSI) is a program that fosters leadership, nurtures professional and personal development, and is a support network for its members. In scholarly pursuit, members and mentors learn from one another by promoting and stimulating self-efficacy, academic excellence, career aspirations, and a sense of community.  

Student Publications

Recognizing the importance of a public forum for the written expression of ideas as well as the development of effective communication skills, ʿⱦapp supports student involvement in campus publications. The Final Draft Club publishes Final Draft, a student literary magazine.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) provides input to the College’s administration on decisions affecting students, makes decisions regarding the allocation of student event funds, and plans student activities and events. The SGA also approves and provides support for student organizations. Student senators represent academic departments and student organizations. The SGA President serves as an ex officio, non-voting member of ʿⱦapp’s Board of Trustees.

Student interest and leadership are necessary for the SGA to function effectively; students are encouraged to become actively involved.

Student Leadership Program

The ʿⱦapp Student Leadership Program, Journey, is designed for students seeking to build their leadership skills through active participation in dynamic workshops led by motivational speakers. Eligible students are encouraged to apply in the fall semester, and program participants will be determined through a competitive selection process.