Cardiovascular (non-invasive) or EKG Technician

Starting Salary

Durham, NC

Median Annual Wage

Durham, NC
% High school diploma or equivalent
% Associate Degree

Job Outlook

North Carolina

Annual Job Openings

North Carolina

A non-invasive cardiovascular technician uses tests and equipment that don't go inside a patient's body to determine the health and condition of the heart and cardiovascular system. Instead of using probes or other invasive tools, they'll use ultrasound, electrocardiograph (EKG), and other imaging devices to capture pictures and video of the patient's cardiovascular system.

The position involves preparing patients for tests, administering tests, capturing the test results, and providing physicians with test results and summaries. They may have to run patients through a stress test, which involves monitoring their safety during the test and ensuring they are not overexerted. The exact job functions are based upon the chosen specialty area.

In the Cardiovascular Technician Continuing Education program, the student will become familiar with cardiac terminology, operating the EKG equipment and a stress machine. The course is mostly held online with an on-site clinical component and prepares students to become a certified Certified Cardiovascular Technologist (CCT) through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI).

In the EKG Technician Continuing Education program, students become familiar with EKG terminology, cardiac cycles, electrical conduction system and how it affects the heart function, anatomy and physiology of the heart, operating EKG equipment, properly placing EKG leads, and other EKG technician duties. The program prepares students to sit for the National Healthcare Association examination to become a certified EKG technician.