Career Services may also be contacted via email at ʿⱦapp uses College Central Network (CCN) as its official resume and job posting service. CCN is available to students and alumni 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign in to CCN.

Career Services offers individualized counseling, and career resources to ʿⱦapp students and alumni.

College Central Network, a third-party website that ʿⱦapp partners with for career services assistance, helps ʿⱦapp students and alumni find jobs and internships as well as stay informed of career-related programs and events.

Employers post job opportunities of all types (full time, part time, and internships) on College Central Network to attract qualified applicants. These services are offered to ʿⱦapp students, alumni, and the College’s employer partners free of charge.

Career Counseling

  • Need a résumé reviewed?
  • Need help with an interview?
  • Looking for a job or internship?
  • Just need general career advice on what to do next?

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