Summer Reading with the ʿⱦapp Library

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Libraries and reading are associated no matter how much times change, and the ʿⱦapp Library is here to help you with your summer reading goals.

Front window displays, Main Campus Library: Space and Summer Fun, Summer 2024

Stop by the Main Campus Library during our summer hours (posted on the ʿⱦapp Library website and updated, if needed, on our) and check out our front window displays for some recommendations from our collection.

The Orange County Campus is also open for your book checkout, computer use, or quiet study needs this summer.

Do you like to read for some sweet, sweet library swag?

While the ʿⱦapp Library doesn't do a formal summer reading program like many public libraries do, we do have an on-going annual reading challenge called

. It started in January and ends in December, so you've got a whole year to get a BINGO (or several!). Go ahead and get started this summer!

Are you a ʿⱦapp faculty or staff member and want to join in with our current reading groups?

The Library


Getting the Most from Your Library this Summer

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Summer term has begun and the library is excited to help you create your own success at ʿⱦapp.

We offer a variety of services, resources, and spaces to help you this summer whether you're a student or faculty/staff member.

Feel free to browse our for more details about our variety of spaces, services, and resources and subscibe to the Library Blog (this! right here!) to keep up with news, collections, and activities with your ʿⱦapp Library.

Everyone is welcome to respectfully use the ʿⱦapp Library. Our hours are adapted for the summer, but we're here. Check our website for the most up-to-date hours and for contact information.

Main Campus Library, as seen from the top of the staircase.

Everyone is eligible for a ʿⱦapp Library account-- no College affiliation required! Stop in our Main Campus or Orange County Campus during our summer hours and register or update your account or (just let us know when you arrive!). We do require a photo ID for checkouts, and if you're a student


Wynn, Audiobooks, and Attenborough: Celebrate Earth Month with the ʿⱦapp Library

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, , and blooming plants everywhere! Spring is certainly here this Earth Month.

, celebrated annually on April 22, and Earth Month allow us--as humans--to focus attention to the environment around us and our role in protecting, preserving, and being good members of our ecosystems.

While the ʿⱦapp Library has lots of resources to learn more about many aspects of Earth Month, the Phail Wynn Collection allows us to mindfully collect books and other resources on topics that "pertain... to socially responsible topics, such as ecology and the environment, cultural awareness, global citizenship, teaching tolerance, appreciating diversity, fighting poverty, and promoting world peace." Endowed from the estate of Phail Wynn Jr., who served as president of ʿⱦapp for nearly 30 years, this annual financial gift allows the library to collect resources and provides funding for our book club and reading circle texts.


Women's History Month: Women In Sports

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In celebration of Women’s History Month, let’s honor the trailblazing women who have made significant contributions to sports, breaking barriers and setting new standards for excellence and equality.

Pioneers on the Field and Beyond

Women in sports have not only excelled in their respective disciplines but have also become powerful advocates for gender equity and social change. Their achievements are a testament to their determination and skill, inspiring generations to come.

Breaking Records and Glass Ceilings

. They’ve overcome personal and societal challenges, such as Rudolph’s triumph over polio and Lopez’s fight against discrimination due to her Mexican heritage.

Champions of Change


Let's Celebrate Black History, Resistance, and Joy for Black History Month

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Resilience, Resistance, and Radiance: A Tribute to Black History

Black History Month is more than a calendar event--it’s a tapestry of resilience woven by generations.

As we honor the past, let’s remember the indomitable spirit of those who paved the way. From to the eloquence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have a Dream” speech, their courage echoes through time.

Resistance is etched into the DNA of Black history. It’s the refusal to be silenced, the audacity to demand justice. We elevate struggles such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, where ordinary people sparked extraordinary change. Give thanks to whose quiet defiance, ignited a movement that would shake the world. Let’s honor the countless unsung heroes who stood tall


Summer Movies With the ʿⱦapp Library

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A Summer of Cinematic Joy: Discovering the Magic of Movies through ʿⱦapp Library As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, there’s no better time to dive into the world of cinema. This summer, let’s embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the magic of movies without confining ourselves to specific titles. The Joy of Genres & The Art of Choosing Every movie genre offers a unique flavor, a different kind of escapism. From the heart-pounding action sequences that keep us on the

How Do You Library?: Right to Read Day

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It's National Library Week and, while we celebrate Banned Books Week in the fall, the first weekday of National Library Week always highlights an individual's right to choose their own reading materials or choose age-appropriate materials for those in their care without restricting others' access. What can you do to help or "celebrate" Right to Read Day? You can always read a banned or challenged book . The American Library Association, a professional association for all kinds of libraries-

Heart Stuff for Heart Month

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It's February, which in addition to being Black History Month, is also American Heart Month. While everyone's needs are different, there are many similar ways we can be attentive to our heart health, including understanding our blood pressure and knowing when it's too high or too low, eating more fruits and vegetables, trying to get better sleep, working on how we handle stressful events in our lives, and stopping smoking. The National Institute of Health has some great Fact Sheets to learn more

Read Great Things BINGO for 2024: A New Take on our Reading Challenge

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One item of wrap-up before moving on to 2024-- if you haven't filled out the Read Great Things 2023 completion form to document your "win," you have until Thursday, February 15 to do so. Not sure if you've "won"? Click on the form or the 2023 challenge information guide. You'll have needed to complete 10 categories in total, but can double-dip, so five well-chosen books can do it for you. No sign up was necessary, so if you read it in 2023, you could win! Prizes will be available late February

Getting Crafty this Spring: Upcoming Crafternoons!

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Despite the weirdness of the first two weeks of the semester with weather and unexpected power/data outages, we've made it to week three. Congrats! Why not reward yourself with a little midweek Crafternoon once a month? This semester, we'll be learning a few new crafts and leveraging the talents, skills, and resources of our on-campus partners. As usual, all supplies will be provided for ʿⱦapp students, faculty, and staff. One new thing this semester: We love that we've had so many folks