You can electronically order transcripts with a credit card. Once an account is created, you can request a transcript online and track the status of your order. The official certified electronic PDF transcript is ʿⱦapp’s preferred method. Orders are processed within five business days (allow additional processing time for high volume periods).

Students may request a transcript using the link below. A fee is charged for each official copy of a student’s transcript. There is no charge for a student copy, which is printable through Self Service. Telephone and faxed requests are not accepted. Paper transcripts are processed in three business days and sent via the U.S. Postal Service.

Adult high school graduates may request official transcripts at no charge. All students must provide photo identification to pick up a transcript. Student transcripts cannot be picked up by another person unless the student has provided written permission.

Transcripts from other schools and other documents or forms that ʿⱦapp has on file are not released, copied, or returned to the student.

Students are not eligible to receive an official transcript if they have any outstanding debts to the College or if they have failed to make any required payment.