To be eligible for graduation, students must complete all courses and credit hours required in the plan of study in which they were admitted with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C). In addition, specified programs may require a grade of no less than C in some courses and no less than a grade of B in other courses as designated in the appropriate program handbook. Transfer credit may not exceed 75 percent of the total credit hours required to complete the desired program of study. Students must complete a minimum of 25 percent of the total credit hours required to complete the desired program of study at ʿⱦapp.

For more information about graduation requirements, contact Admissions, Registration, and Records at 919- 536-7214, ext. 1804 or email

Apply for Graduation

Students should complete a Graduation Application form for their degree, diploma, or certificate one semester before their anticipated date of graduation. For example, students should apply for graduation when they register for fall semester if they plan to graduate at the end of spring semester. Students must apply for graduation in order to have degree, diploma, or certificate completion information officially recorded on their transcripts.

Graduation application deadlines are normally around November 1 for fall graduation and March 1 for spring graduation. Completed graduation application forms must be delivered to to the Admissions, Registration, and Records office located in the Phail Wynn, Jr. Student Services Center, room 10-201 or emailed to

There is no cost for candidates to apply or to officially graduate from a program at the college. Students who apply and are eligible for program completion will have the status of graduate noted on their official transcript. 

Notice: Students who are readmitted to the College are accepted into the plan of study at the time of readmission. Similarly, students who change their credit (curriculum) program also are admitted to the new program under the plan of study at the time of program change.

ʿⱦapp Spring Commencement Ceremony

Celebrate your accomplishments at the ʿⱦapp Spring Commencement Ceremony. Learn more information about caps and gowns, ceremony location, and commencement requirements.

Graduate Satisfaction Survey

Graduates are strongly encouraged to complete the optional by following the instructions on the last page of the Graduation Application form. Your feedback is highly valued and needed for measures of assessment and improvement.