As the community college of the City of Medicine, ʿⱦapp has long held a tremendous reputation for its Health and Wellness programs. These programs are highly competitive and very popular.

Explore the programs offered at ʿⱦapp and the specific admissions requirements for each program. Students should understand each Health Tech program has a different admission criteria than other ʿⱦapp programs and most have limited enrollment.

To start your journey in a Health and Wellness program, view the Health and Wellness Pathway webpage.

For most Health and Wellness programs, entry is gained by a first-qualified, first-admitted process.

For nursing programs, entry is earned by a competitive admissions process.

View Health and Wellness programs enrollment steps.

For students who first language is not US English, the (EAP) program can help you improve your higher-level English skills necessary for you to succeed in your coursework. Follow the College enrollment steps and read more about .