Required Courses to Complete the EAP Program

Placement is determined based on the Accuplacer ESL test, an interview with an EAP advisor, and some students may be required to take a writing assessment to determine placement. Students may not be required to complete all four levels, depending on level of placement at the time of application.

Both required classes that complete one level (reading and composition: 5-credit hours/80 contact hours per course) can be completed in one semester. Therefore, if a student places in Level 1 and takes both reading and writing each semester and successfully completes each one (a grade average of 80 percent or higher), then the student can complete all four levels in four semesters. In the same way, if a student places in Level 4 and takes both classes at the same time and has a grade average in reading and writing of 80 percent or higher at the end of the semester, then the student can complete the program in one semester.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4

EFL 071 Reading I

EFL 091 Composition I

EFL 072 Reading II

EFL 092 Composition I

EFL 073 Reading III

EFL 093 Composition III

EFL 074 Reading IV

EFL 094 Composition IV


Your pathway to success and great things!

Completion of Level 4Student qualifies to take any course in their program of study that has a minimum reading/writing requirement.Complete Major Classes; Graduation!; Meet your goals!

Since the required courses total 10 credit hours (5-credit hours per class), a student on an F-1 Visa would need to take one or two additional courses (see below for details) to fulfill the full-time status needed for the visa.

Additional Language Courses

Electives are also offered in the EAP program and can be taken as indicated based on the students’ level and needs. A student may choose any course from the list as long as it is at or below the level placed or completed. All elective courses are 5 credit hours (80 contact hours per course), with the exception of EFL 055, which is 3 credit hours (48 contact hours).

Level 1 arrow pointing rightEFL 055
Level 2 arrow pointing rightEFL 055EFL 082
Level 3 arrow pointing rightEFL 064EFL 083
Level 4 arrow pointed rightEFL 064EFL 083


Additional Course Options outside of the EAP Program

While students are completing the EAP program, there are courses outside of the program that they may take, depending on their chosen program of study (major) once they enter or are placed into Level 3.

Level 3 arrow pointing rightTake the math placement testCertain math courses may be taken during this level depending on placement.EDU 119


Level 4 arrow pointed rightMath classes as neededACA 122CHM 094 (depending on math scores)Other classes with no reading/writing prerequisites*

*Some of these include courses within Architecture, Automotive, Information Technologies, Early Childhood Education.

Course credit hours vary based on the courses chosen. This information is available in the Course Descriptions/Course Outlines section of the web site. Current students can also find this information in .


Cost Structure of the EAP Program

The EAP program is credit-bearing and curriculum based. Each EFL course is five credits with the exception of EFL 055, which is 3 credit hours. Tuition charges are based on the number of credit hours and residency status (in-state or out-of-state). Students can use ʿⱦapp’s Tuition and Fees Calculation Chart to determine how much the tuition will be per semester. These courses are financial aid eligible. Some students whose residency is out-of-state may qualify for employer or non-profit sponsorship.