ʿⱦapp Board of Trustees

Officers and Committee Assignments

Appointed by the Governor

Walter Newton

Barker French Headshot

Barker French

ҰdzԲDz-DZ headshot


ʾdz-ҴDZ headshot


Appointed by the Durham County Commissioners

Jenna Bryant posed headshot

Jenna Bryant

Geoff Durham

Tara Fikes posed headshot

Dr. Tara Fikes

Brenda Howerton headshot

Brenda Howerton

Appointed by the Orange County Commissioners

Janet Hadar

Earl McKee

Appointed by the Durham Public Schools Board of Education

Pat Ashley posed headshot

Pat Ashley

Mike Lee posed headshot

Dr. Mike Lee

Michael Delano_posed_headshot

Rev. Michael
Delano Page

Charles Wilson headshot

Charles Wilson

ʿⱦapp President

President J.B. Buxton headshot

J.B. Buxton

Student Trustee

Gabrielle "Elle" Hargrave
2023-2024 SGA President