Located at: 2401 Snow Hill Road, Durham, NC  27712
Main Telephone: 919-536-7240

The ʿⱦapp Northern Durham Center (NDC) is a full-service college campus that makes education even more convenient to residents of northern Durham and Orange counties. With state-of-the-art labs, a library, and comfortable classrooms, the NDC is like having a college right in your backyard.

Curriculum courses offered at NDC include Basic Law Enforcement Training, Criminal Justice Technology, Emergency Management, and Fire Protection Technology. Continuing Education courses include Electric Line Technician, Fire Service Extension, and Law Enforcement Extension.

For more information about the difference between curriculum (credit) and continuing education (noncredit), see our explanation guide.

See a list of upcoming curriculum and continuing education courses held at NDC using location search on the courses page.

For more information about the NDC, call 919-536-7240.